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Getting to Know

DJ Alpha Whiskey

Known by her stage name, DJ Alpha Whiskey, Ashley Wimbush is an experienced entertainment specialist offering a unique and unmatched disc jockey skill set. Wimbush entered the professional entertainment scene in 2017. However, her passion for mixing music and making people fall in love with music started at a young age. Self-taught, Wimbush possesses an uncanny ability to blend and mix tracks in an evocative way transporting listeners to different worlds.
The airwaves are not the only thing under Wimbush’s control. Wimbush earned her B.S. in Airport/Air Traffic Control Management in 2010 from the illustrious Hampton University. Her career in air traffic control spans over ten years. Wimbush currently serves as an air traffic controller and queen of the airways providing a musical vibe that will take you away to your next vacation destination.

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